Culture Cell Unit

  • Maintaining primary and secondary cell lines in culture.
  • Culturing cells with different percentages of oxygen.
  • Cryogenic storage and cataloging of cell cultures.
  • CO2 Incubators (SANYO 18 AIC-UV, SANYO 19 AIC-UV, HERACELL 150i Thermoscientific).
  • Hypoxia Incubators, BINDER APTlineCB.
  • Automated Cell Counter TC10, Biorad.
  • Micro-volume spectrophotometer (Nanodrop 2000, Thermo Scientific).
  • TELSTAR AV 30/70 Laminar Flow Cabinets.
  • TELSTAR, BIO IIA (3 units) Biological Safety Laminar Flow Cabinets. 
  • Burdinola OR-ST1500 Fume Hood.
  • Auxiliary equipment: N2tank (cryopreservation team), ARPEGE 140, PERCISTERM 20L P-SELECTA Analog Precision Bath, HERAEUS-sepatech Megafuge Centrifuge, two P-SELECTA electrical autoclaves for sterilization, HERMLE Labortechnik refrigerated microcentrifuge, Thermoscientific HERAEUS Multifuge 3SR+ Centrifuge, ACCULAB Sartorius Group precision balance, Moticam 2500 Camera.
  • Molecular Devices ESPECTRAMAX GEMINI XPS Fluorometer.
  • Molecular Devices ESPECTRA-MAX PLUS Spectrophotometer.
  • NIKON Eclipse TS100 Microscope, precision shaking bath controlled by microprocessor UNITRONIC OR 20L, PSELECTA.
  • UCIM, Floor 2, Laboratorys 14 y 23, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia
  • UCIM, Floor 2, Laboratorys 35 y 36, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia


Unit Head
Sergio Bañuls Sánchez de Cutanda
Contact phone number: 963864100 - 51921