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Colorectal Cancer and new therapeutic developments in solid tumors research group

Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez

He is the author of several articles and reviews in numerous different journals. He is also the Editor-In-Chief of Cancer Treatment Reviews and Clinical and Translational Oncology and is the associated editor of the journal Annals of Oncology. He is a member of the Executive board, the Congress of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Educational Committee, and is the chair of the clinical guidelines committee. He has been appointed as the 2016 chairman of the ESMO Scientific Committee, which will take place in Copenhagen. 

Dr. Andrés Cervantes is Professor of Medicine at the University of Valencia. He serves as Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at the University Hospital in Valencia, Spain. He is also director of the Cancer Area at the Institute of Health Research INCLIVA.  His main areas of research and clinical interest are gastrointestinal and gynaecologic malignancies as well as phase I trials and new drug development. He started a new drug development program in 2004, where more than 70 drugs have been studied in first in human trials. These antineoplastic agents were conventional cytotoxics, targeted therapies, monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapies. These trials were done with targeted agents and included pharmacokinetics as well as pharmacodynamic end-points. Most of these trials required molecular selection and sequential repetitive biopsies to define the role of specific biomarkers. He is the author of more than three hundred research articles and educational papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He is also one of the Editors in chief of Cancer Treatment Reviews. He is currently the Chair of the Educational Committee of ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) and since January 2014, he is also Associate Editor for Gastrointestinal Cancer in Annals of Oncology.


Colorectal Cancer and new therapeutic developments in solid tumors research group

Collaborating Researcher

Susana Roselló Keranen
Desamparados Roda Pérez
Gema Bruixola Campos
Jose A. Pérez Fidalgo
Estefania García Botello
Noelia Tarazona Llavero
Marisol Huerta Álvaro
Maider Ibarrola Villava
Marcelino Telechea Fernández
María Carolina Martínez Ciarpaglini
Marta Llorca Cardeñosa
Josefa Castillo Aliaga
Alejandro Espí Macías
Amelia Insa Mollá
Ana Isabel Gil Tébar

Administrative assistant

Gabriela Perez Garity

Data manager

Inma Blasco Blasco


Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez


Cristina Mongort Sanchis

•    Establish the levels of a number of biological markers of predictive and prognostic interest in patients with locally-advanced rectal carcinoma previously treated in clinical trials. 
•    Establish how the function of acetylated proteins in anti-EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) drugs effects the development of treatment resistance in both mutant tumors and those lacking KRAS mutations.
•    Develop a therapeutic association between m-TOR inhibitors and antibodies that obstruct insulin growth factor 1 receptor (IGRF-1). 
•    Validate the administration of siRNAs as anti-tumor agents in patients with liver metastases. 
•    Determine the recommended dosages of drugs directed against molecular targets for treating patients with advanced-stage tumors, both individually and in combination with chemotherapy or other biological agents. 

An INCLIVA researcher is coordinating the European clinical consensus guide for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with colorectal cancer

Experts from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) met for two days in Zurich to reach a consensus on the protocols for the guide that will be used to treat the disease in the coming years.

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