Área Metabolismo

Osteoporosis Genetics research group

Miguel Ángel García Pérez

Dr. García Pérez received his doctorate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia and is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics at the same university. He is an INCLIVA Foundation researcher at the Hospital Clínico in Valencia, and since 1990 has participated in 19 research projects.

His many articles are published in several international journals, and he has participated in drafting 9 books and numerous conference presentations. He received the Award for the best basic research article (published in the Ibero-American Fertility journal) from the Spanish Fertility Society in 2002. 

He is an evaluator for different international scientific journals and for the National Evaluation and Foresight Agency (ANEP; Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva), the Castile and Leon University System’s Quality-Assurance Agency (ACSUCyL; Agencia para la Calidad del Sistema Universitario de Castilla y León), the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), and the National Science Centre (Poland). 


Studies in the following areas are already being analyzed and are ongoing:

• The role of B-lymphocytes in bone loss associated with estrogen deficiency via the study of differential genetic expression in B-cells isolated by magnetic immune-purification from ovariectomized-rat bone marrow.

  • The association of low bone mass with candidate causative genes.
  • The function of the CD40/CD40L system in bone metabolism.
  • The association between aromatase gene polymorphisms and breast cancer.
  • Human superfetation, false pregnancy, and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • The association between serum vitamin D levels and breast cancer in a Mediterranean population.