Área Metabolismo

Tissue Biochemistry research group

Juan R. Viña

Dr. Juan R. Viña was the General Director of the INCLIVA Foundation from its creation in 1991 until 2012; he is a permanent Senior Professor at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia, where he also completed his degree and his doctorate. 

He worked in the Metabolic Research Laboratory in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at Oxford University’s Radcliffe Infirmary (United Kingdom) for one and a half years. He also worked for two years at the Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania State University and is currently a Research Professor in the Department Physiology and Biophysics at the Chicago Medical School in the United States.


• Determination of the mechanisms that regulate mammary gland involution after breastfeeding.
• Study the role of calpain proteins in controlling the programmed cell death and tissue remodeling that occurs in breast tissue after weaning: after activation calpains translocate to different compartments (plasma membrane, mitochondria, nuclei, lysosomes, etc.), where they degrade target proteins. 
• Use of ChIP-chip to study the role of Id2 and E2F4 in liver epigenetic gene-expression control-mechanisms: E2F4 and Id2 influence each other at DNA binding sites and act as a complex that, and along with RNA polymerase-II, is found on certain genes, “sensitizing” them to certain stimuli.