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Experimental Cardiac Electrophysiology

Francisco Javier Chorro Gascó


Experimental Cardiac Electrophysiology research group


Francisco Javier Chorro Gascó

Pre-doctoral researcher

Laia Brines Ferrando
Irene del Canto
Carlos Soler López
Óscar Julián Arias Mutis

Collaborating Researcher

Luis Such Belenguer
Luis Such Miquel
Antonio M. Alberola Aguilar
Isabel Trapero Gimeno
Luis Mainar Latorre
Joaquín Cánoves Femenía
Laura López Bueno
Manuel Zarzoso Muñoz
  • The sequencing of 400 exomes has already been completed in order to identify genetic variants which could be involved in the development of type-II diabetes. This work will allow new mutations and genes involved in diabetes to be identified over the course of the coming year.
  • Techniques for analyzing mRNA levels in pancreatic tumors for use as prognostic markers have also been developed.
  • Additionally, research into fat overload and its effects on mRNA levels has already begun.
  • Identification of several polymorphisms involved in the development of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension is underway.
  • Similarly, different methods for studying the clinical importance genetic markers is also being developed.