INCLIVA Health Research Institute Personnel Recruiment and Selection Policy

As set out in the Management and Governing Bodies Charter of Commitments, INCLIVA Health Research Institute is committed to establishing and developing policies for equality of treatment and opportunities in all areas of activity, from selection to promotion, passing through salary policies, training, labour and employment conditions, occupational health, regulation of working hours and work-family policies, adopting the equality of opportunity principle.
The principles laid out in the Management and Governing Bodies Charter of Commitments will be put into action through the Equality Plan. This document lists equal opportunities as a key principle of the Institute’s corporate and human resources policy. The Equality Plan has obtained the Generalitat Valenciana’s Quality Seal for Creating Equal Opportunities in Business
INCLIVA Health Research Institute is committed to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter&Code) through the development of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers - HRS4R and its Open, Transparent and Merit-based recruitment policy (OTM-R). In March 2018 INCLIVA signed the Charter & Code endorsement letter, committing to align its human resources policies and practices to the principles stated in the two documents.
This European Commission-led strategy aims to retain and increase research talent in Europe and promote research as a career, fomenting equal rights and obligations for researchers throughout the European Area.
In pursuit of excellence INCLIVA has also held the ISO 9001 certification since 2011 for its quality management system, and since 2016 the UNE 166002 certification for its R&D + innovation management system, including HR processes (Public job offers, Selection, Induction, Health and Safety measures and Recruitment).
      a. Principles
INCLIVA staff selection processes respect and comply with equality, merit, ability and advertising principles in all job announcements posted on the INCLIVA website job board.
    - The General Director and Scientific Director serve without remuneration.
    - INCLIVA does not have full-time union representatives. 
    - INCLIVA aims to enhance transparency by offering structured and easily accessible information related to public resources through our Transparency Portal, which includes the Institute’s human resources data.
      b. Advertising
INCLIVA’s selection procedures for technical positions will be initiated by the Principal Investigators of each research project.
Our merit-based selection and recruitment job advertisements will be posted generally through the INCLIVA website job board and additionally in Euraxess for job offers in public funded research projects.
In specific cases, job announcements may also be published using other tools or job search websites.
Job offers will specify opening and closing application dates, always with a minimum of 15 days’ notice, type of recruitment procedure, position offered, hiring conditions, essential requirements, merits and marks allocated, duties and job description, description of the selection process, assessment board makeup, deadline for submitting applications and documents to submit.
      c. Selection and evaluation
INCLIVA guarantees that personnel recruitment procedures are defined, public and accessible, based on evaluation of the specific job requirements of vacancies to be filled and merits of the applications.
Certain requirements in terms of qualifications, official qualification accreditation required for the position offered, Spanish nationality or EU nationality or work permit, are essential. Other criteria are posted as merits in the job advertisements.
The first stage is an initial appraisal of the candidates’ merits considering the documentation presented, and occasionally (where applicable, to clarify doubts) by prior telephone interview.
After the initial appraisal, candidates will be selected via an assessment board formed by:
    - Research Foundation General Direction.
    - Deputy Scientific Director of the Research Foundation. 
    - Head of HR.
    - Head of department where the candidate will work.
Candidate selection for the subsequent personal interview stage is determined by the assessment board, in accordance with the requirements established in each Merit-based Recruitment and Selection advertisement.
On completion of the selection process, decisions are published in the INCLIVA website job board. All applicants are informed by email of the selection process results, and the chosen candidate is contacted by telephone to make the necessary arrangements. 
If you have any questions about the INCLIVA’s personnel recruitment and selection policy, please contact rrhh@incliva.es



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